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PROJECT photos

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Sure, we can tell you construction of the Flats Platform Tennis Facility is underway, but hey, seeing is believing.

Like a good 21st century parent, we're proud to share many shots of our baby as it grows. We'll do this in reverse chronological order, so the latest developments will be at the top, thus sparing you the nightmare of having to scroll down to see what's new. (Though definitely scroll down to the bottom to see how it all began.)

Keep coming back to see more updates.

December 10, 2021--The courts are built (and beautiful). The hut is under construction, which we hope to have completed by the end of January 2022. It won't be long now.

October 1, 2021--The screens are up. The courts are painted. The heaters are hung below. We should have four courts ready for play by the end of the week.

August 6--The preliminary surface is down on all four courts, and the posts are rising up. Very exciting.

July 29--The court builders are here! The court builders are here! And guess what…they’re building our courts! The nice folks from Reilly Green Mountain began work today by laying steel beams across our cement posts. They even started putting down some surface in the far corner. Exciting times. Stay tuned. (Be sure to click through the slideshow below.)

July 2--We're in the trenches! All the cement pillars have been poured, and we're digging trenches for the gas and water lines.

June 23--We have cement pillars. This is a big deal. Thanks to GPS technology, each of these pillars is within millimeters of where they need to be for construction of the courts and decking to begin. Science!

Cement is poured into the blue molds to make the pillars.

The rebar coming out of the holes is wrapped in blue molds (not like the cheese).

June 12--A few of our Board members inspect the site. Note; one man is standing in one of the holes, and another on top of the court materials. Neither of these men is exactly a poster child for mental stability.

These "Bigfoot" cement molds, each with several pieces of rebar coming out of the top, are placed in the holes.

Let there be holes!

May 2021--The permits are granted. The surveying is done. The markers are in place. It's time to start digging.

March 24, 2021--We break ground.

November 2020--the materials for the courts arrive on our site, the parking lot of the Cleveland Rowing Foundation.

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